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He is currently evaluating Diffusion Tensor Imaging and the effects of trauma on thousands of patients every year, Dr. Pizarro has worked with several leaders and researchers in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease, memory disorders and Diffusion Tensor Imaging.

Dr. Jose Pizarro is Pleased to Announce He is the Featured Subject in the First of Two New Online Interviews

LONGBOAT KEY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2021 / — It is with great enthusiasm that Dr. Jose Pizarro announces that he is the subject of an in-depth interview conducted by a noted online periodical that specializes in matters relating to physical and mental health. The interview, which was published on March 15, 2021, largely concentrates on his career path in radiology, but also touches on his methods for motivating others, as well as his personal role models.

Dr. Jose Pizarro begins the interview by establishing the many roles radiologists play in the healthcare industry. “While we’re physicians, we’re also technicians,” he remarks, adding, “(w)e’re not just seeing patients at a clinic and performing surgeries, but rather doing a combination of everything.” Further on in the piece, he does his best to illuminate the branch of medicine itself for those who are unfamiliar, saying, “(r)adiology is the most technologically advanced field in medicine with all the new tools coming out. The research going on is very exciting.”

When asked to produce some words of wisdom about how he motivates his researchers, medical students, and employees, Dr. Pizarro replies thoughtfully, “I try to drive them to do bigger and better things as they evolve in their career,” he says, elaborating, “I tend to motivate people with positivity rather than negativity. Of course, some negative feedback is necessary at times, but for the most part, I think positive feedback is the biggest motivator there is.”

Questioned about the role models he personally looked up to as he forged his career, Dr. Pizarro doesn’t hesitate to mention his father. “He was very dedicated and enjoyed what he did. He had a lot of curiosity about new ideas, technology, and had a great work ethic.” Pressed for another name, he hearkens back to his days at medical school, citing Dr. Manuel Viamonte, who was his mentor, as well as the chairman and medical director of radiology at Mount Sinai hospital in Miami. “He held that position for over 40 years with many publications to his name,” Dr. Pizarro reflects respectfully. “He was a great teacher and an amazing human being.”

To read the full text of this interview or explore other content relating to Dr. Jose Pizarro, people can visit his personal website.

About Dr. Jose Pizarro:

In addition to being an expertly-trained radiologist, Dr. Jose Pizarro is the founder and chief executive of Premier Diagnostic Imaging. The company specializes in the development, study, implementation, and practical utilization of cutting-edge medical technology such as diffusion tensor imaging. Presently, Premier Diagnostic Imaging conducts operations in five states, but is based in southern Florida.

Dr. Jose Pizarro
Founder and CEO, Premier Diagnostic Imaging
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