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He is currently evaluating Diffusion Tensor Imaging and the effects of trauma on thousands of patients every year, Dr. Pizarro has worked with several leaders and researchers in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease, memory disorders and Diffusion Tensor Imaging.

Dr. Jose Pizarro Launches His New YouTube Channel

Dr. Jose Pizarro Launches His New YouTube Channel

LONGBOAT KEY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 20, 2021 / It is with great pride that Dr. Jose Pizarro, lauded radiologist and founder and chief executive of Premier Diagnostic Imaging, announces the debut of his new YouTube channel. The channel, which concentrates on medical matters, with a particular focus on radiology, is now live and ready to welcome viewers. Once there, visitors will see screen captures of the channel’s inaugural content: two brand new, professionally-edited videos documenting important information about the many modern and sophisticated ways of capturing images related to personal health-Dr. Pizarro’s area of expertise.

The first video, entitled ‘Dr. Jose Pizarro on Brain Scans and Dementia’, details the signs and symptoms of dementia and explains how brain scans-specifically MRI and CT scans-can identify the condition in its early stages and pave the way for appropriate treatment. The second video, entitled ‘Dr. Jose Pizarro on Traumatic Brain Imaging and DTI’, explains how certain traumatic brain injuries might not be detected by conventional imaging techniques and may instead require the use of a more advanced form of imaging technology called diffusion tensor imaging, or DTI for short.

After viewing these videos, Dr. Jose Pizarro invites any and all to like and share them with any one who may benefit from the educational materials. Additional videos will be posted to Dr. Pizarro’s channel on a regular basis.

Anyone wishing to learn more about Dr. Jose Pizarro, through press clippings, interviews he has given to various online periodicals, or blog entries can visit his professional website.

About Dr. Jose Pizarro:

In addition to being an expertly-trained radiologist, Dr. Jose Pizarro is the founder and chief executive of Premier Diagnostic Imaging. The company specializes in the development, study, implementation, and practical utilization of cutting-edge medical technology such as diffusion tensor imaging. Presently, Premier Diagnostic Imaging conducts operations in five states, but is based in southern Florida.

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Dr. Jose Pizarro
Founder and CEO, Premier Diagnostic Imaging

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